How did you choose your profession?
“When I was playing baseball I decided to build a tiny house to make travel easier between minor league affiliates. After I hurt my shoulder and could no longer play, I had enjoyed the process of designing and building the tiny house, so I decided to apply for the Architecture program at the University of Kansas.”

Are you passionate about any organizations/charities?
“I help several different baseball academies teaching young kids how to play the game. I also am passionate about the Live Like Luke Foundation which helps terminally ill children cross items off their bucket list, sponsor city wide tournaments in various sports, and assist families who have experienced tragedy in their lives.”

Real talk…who has the best BBQ?
“Kansssaaaaass City!! My personal favorite is Oklahoma Joe’s, now called Kansas City Joe’s BBQ, but I still call it by the original name. The original gas station location still does it better than the others. My fiance says that Q39 will change my mind, but I am not sure.”

What’s the last thing that made you laugh out loud?
“We closed on our house yesterday, and bringing in our new puppy for the first time, he saw the backyard and took off on a dead sprint for it, but he didn’t realize there was a sliding glass door.”

  • Education: 3rd Year M.Arch Student, University of Kansas

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