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  • Client: MiTek Inc.
  • Project: Corporate Headquarters
  • Location: Chesterfield, MO
  • Size: 100,000 SF
  • Completion: December 2015

How do you think the changes that were made in the space/environment improve lives?
”The changes that MiTek made to the office space/environment have lifted the spirits, improved collaboration, and provided options within our spaces to the users. The natural light is available for everyone to enjoy. It makes the spaces feel larger, brighter, more inviting, and enjoyable. The grand open lobby with multiple contemporary seating arrangements and great visual stimulation makes for an exciting and welcoming feel right from the start. The open café and patio spaces are engaging, fun spaces to meet, work, and eat or break. The various meeting space and conference room options with high technology features available to employees, customers, and guests give us the opportunity to select the right meeting space for each meeting. The offices and work stations in each neighborhood are customized to the specific department needs and include room to grow. “

What features made the biggest impact?
”We have several features that have made a big impact. First of all, our employees enjoy the grand lobby and open center staircase, especially when welcoming guests into our building as it is the first impression they receive. Our various meeting spaces, whether it is our large auditorium used for conferences and training or department conference rooms and open huddle spaces occupied for daily meetings, our employees take advantage of all collaboration spaces. The water bottle refill stations, fitness center, outdoor patio, and walking path have proven popular as we believe this is something that sets us apart from other corporate job settings. We are proud to be able to offer our employees the opportunity to expand their health and wellness into the workplace. Additionally, the winked walls (dry erase walls) have definitely supported our employee collaboration and engagement, making it easier to get unlimited ideas flowing.”

How does the design affect your experience?
”The open concept design allows for easy communication and collaboration within departments and neighborhoods. The community spaces improve activity and engagement. The large conference center allows us to host many more employees, customers, and guests from locations around the globe for training, meetings, growth, and development. The design also affects our overall attitudes. Working in a brighter, more open environment promotes positivity and higher energy and opportunities to connect and enjoy each other.”

What exciting or unexpected results have you seen?
”When people visit our office for the first time they are always impressed with the open feel, large exterior windows, glass front offices, natural light and new, fresh, pleasing, advanced design choices. Some guests will ask if they can stay longer or comment that they would like to work at an office like this one. Employees and guests seem to really appreciate the colors, patterns, and finishes selected for our office space.”

What part of the design/construction process was most exciting for you? Why?
”Our employees loved being able to provide their input regarding their wants and needs to the designers. It was important to them that they had a voice and could share their ideas. We were able to keep our employees involved through the process by providing a lot of communication updates, site visits, and a 24/7 webcam. They enjoyed being part of the process and seeing it all come together in a way that surpassed our expectations.”

Is there anything else we should know?
”We enjoyed working together with the ACI Boland team. They made it fun, easy, and we truly developed a wonderful working partnership in the process.”

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