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The Harrison County Community Hospital District operates a Critical Access Hospital, offering a wide range of inpatient and outpatient services, a swing bed program, home health services, Senior Life Solutions, and clinics in Bethany and Eagleville. 

The new hospital will replace the existing hospital facility with a modern, efficiently designed, heavily  outpatient oriented facility, with the ability for future expansions at med/surg, radiology, surgery, and outpatient clinical spaces. Admissions of outpatient and inpatient will be combined at one central location at the hospital’s main entrance. 

  1. The project’s exterior prioritizes a welcoming ambiance through warm colors, gabled roof forms, and natural materials. The client’s desire for spaces filled with natural interior is fulfilled through large glass areas and clerestories that allow for a fluid transition between the outside and inside spaces. The lobby offers a clear vista from the entry to the outdoor dining space, further blurring the distinction between outside and inside.

2. The Therapy Garden is designed as a welcoming space to engage patients in functional therapies like walking on different surfaces and changing elevation. Connection from the physical therapy gym to the garden allows a seamless transition between therapy spaces during treatment. Therapy gardens are shown to improve fine and gross motor skills, reduce stress, and improve recovery times.  

3. The Outdoor Dining area provides staff, patients and families with an area for respite. We have designed this with the community in mind as a place where they can gather to grab a coffee or snack, and for community events 

4. Patients and staff upon entering are greeted with an open lobby area that contains natural light and a warm inviting color palette. Clear wayfinding signage helps guide patients for a positive user experience. 

5. Hospitality-like design provides patients and families with a calming environment to gather. 

6. The dining area is directly accessible from the lobby with direct sightlines to the outdoor seating area. Natural light and an assortment of seating options provide patients, family, and staff areas for respite.  

7. The patient room incorporates the same warm and inviting color palette that was used in the main lobby and dining areas. Large windows were important in the design, so patients and families have direct views of the outdoors.  

8. The physical therapy gym has direct access to the outdoor therapy garden for patients to utilize as part of their treatment plan. Large windows with access to views of nature, and motivational wall graphics support the patients’ well-being on their road to recovery. 

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