Promise Christian Academy

Town & Country, Missouri


16,000 SF


Special Education


ACI Boland Architects was selected to work with the leadership team of Promise Christian Academy on the design and development of their new school.

The building design supports the specialized curriculum offered to student. Connections to nature were critical to encourage well-being for both students and teachers. While executing this important design component, we incorporated natural elements with a variety of wood tones and textures, finishing them off with a complementary palette of soft blues.

Our pattern and texture choices remain subdued throughout the space as too much stimulation would take away from the student’s daily activities. However, in the multi-purpose and occupational therapy rooms, our materiality selections were both durable and fun. Additionally, in those spaces we utilized a flexible design concept, so they can alternatively be used to host fundraising events, student programs, and allow room for growth.

Photos by Jeff Wellman Photography